About Us

We are a veteran owned start-up business. We have served in the US military, armed services of allied countries, defense contractors supporting parameters of OEF and OIF goals, as well as other requirements pursuant to the preservation of American interest and those of its allies worldwide. We have deployed in diverse environs under varying degrees of permissiveness and  understand how critical good gear is.

Outside of our military related background, we also have years of experience in general fabrication ranging from detailed handcrafted work to full automation with the use of robotic technology. We currently manufacture semi-custom handcrafted Kydex holsters and accessories. All of our products are 100% made in the United States.

We decided to start this company due to the immense vacuum in the industry wherein the demand grossly exceeds supply, causing dramatic and inflated pricing schemes and excessive lead time. Our original intent was not really to compete with the bigger companies, but simply provide consumers with an alternative product line that can meet their tactical needs.

All of that has changed. we are now on the forefront of being one of the best provider of this type of equipment. Our products will continue to evolve, as well as our process. We will meet future challenges and continue to be innovative in our outlook.

We look forward to providing you with a viable alternative that meets your discerning taste, appropriate to the level of your demanding application, while keeping the cost down and suitable to your budget. If you need a good holster now, and other manufacturers tell you to wait several months, please give our product line a try.