Griffon Industries

Nov 10th 2019

Originally, Jeff Lai's plan was to sell my holsters in an eStore he will create, but with my brand. We were discussing this as me, Jeff Lai, and Jerry Tsai (original Recoil Editor-in-Chief) was having a quick lunch after the Pala range, in the Pala Casino.

Jerry and Jeff's plan was to do an interview of me which was going to be featured in Issue 01. Due to a NDA, nondisclosure agreement, with a previous employer, I declined to do the interview. I also advised them that while they liked my products, I have a lot of haters trolling me. I figure it was not right to transfer all that hate to their own projects.

Let me engage you a little about the hate. All that hate started from fan boys of another holster maker. If you want to read a lot of bad things about me, you can look at old "Lightfigther" forum entries. I am sure there are other forums out there that did the same. What can I say, it is "dog-eat-dog" in this industry.

Some of that hate is deserved. I have personality flaws, if the person hits me the wrong way. In veteran's circle, it is called "post trauma". So, in short, I've had to deal with people with most likely the same condition. You know what they say about "like poles".

I make no apologies... I am what I have become - period! There are more people that has done business with me in spite of. Let me just say that if a request is reasonable, I will go out of my way to make it happen.

Those haters are still out there, but I have long time ago tuned myself out of what they have to say.

Anyways, I convinced Jeff to come up with his own brand and Griffon industries was born. 

I have mentored Jeff and his younger brother Kesson about a lot of things related to this business. They have always made decisions independently. One thing they got that I will never have - VOGUE. They were influencers... trend setters. I will never be as cool as them!

Last time I talked to them was probably 3 years ago.

I was also the one that convinced them, although they may have their own reasons, to perhaps look into stop selling Kydex for a while. Their customer service was much better than mine and warranty policy - which I have always disagreed with - was too good. In that respect, you can lose lots of money. Contrary to popular belief, the profit margin for this is actually not much.

The links below will take yo to some of Griffon's pictures of my products.

This last link is my favorite. This is what made the brothers so freaking cool. Credit for all the pictures you see in all these links belong to Griffon Industries.