Turning another page...

Aug 9th 2019

It has been 10 years or so. It is time to turn another page. Learned a lot during those years. about the industry, and more so, the process of turning a piece of plastic into a good piece of gear.

So many people make Kydex now. That has even out the balance of supply and demand. Prices has gone down dramatically as a result. People that were considered the best makers years ago do not even make much of this genre of holster.

Those that have told me that I was not going to last long... all wrong!

I have purged the list of what sells and what sits, so I have changed market strategy slightly. YES, part of that is offering a very affordable entry level line.

The profile of my holsters will also change slightly. Those that will be regularly offered will feature form that allows use of optics. What will still be standard are, channel for suppressor sights, open bottom for suppressor barrels, form to allow control devices on the gun can be positioned in any of its range of motion.

The biggest change is – ALL holsters, including light carriers will have adjustable retention.

All holsters will have a tactile distinguishable “click” during insertion of the gun, providing user feedback that the pistol has been stowed properly and “locked” in place. The tactile click will be felt even in complete darkness, unless user is wearing thick gloves. There will be a faint audible (depending on ambient noise) click. By definition of our quality, “locked” means that the gun and/or light/laser loaded with a full magazine, will not pop-out of the holster when the user is running or doing normal routine task.

The holster should also retain the gun and/or light/laser if inverted and shaken moderately. User feel of fitment may vary as each user will have a preference. This means that some user may think it is tight while others may feel it is loose. It will however meet the requirement for retention under normal hard use conditions. Fitment will require positive and deliberate draw stroke to pull the gun out of the holster. It will not accidentally drop out under its normal use per design.

We have provided adjustment capability for all holsters so that the user can adjust accordingly to their preference. Loosening the screw will make fitment too loose and tightening it will make it harder to draw. We will adjust it to a sweet spot based on data of user preference from our experience and those of other brands we have made for now or in the past.

Each holster will be specifically molded and crafted within very tight tolerance to ensure fitment, aesthetics, and form definition. This ensures compactness for concealability and comfortability for extended duration use.

As usual, I wish everyone well.

Fair winds and following seas...