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Glock 17/19 TLR7/7A/8/8A/8AG

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This item is made of Black 0.06" thickness Kydex. This is form fitted for Glock 17 or 19 with a Streamlight TLR7/7A and TLR8/8A weapon light/laser.

This is designed as an affordable entry level product to familiarize a new user with our products. It is a good EDC "every day carry" because it is light and does not feel overbuilt. It is perfect for Airsoft for those that take their game seriously.

This is a pancake type holster that comes default for straight drop (cant adjustable) OWB carry, but can be configured for IWB carry with the use of optional IWB belt loops. It will come with OWB belt loops, injection molded super tough nylon with embedded glass. The belt loop designed is optimized for use with tactical belts in sizes from 1.5"-2.0". The belt loops also allows the user to fine tune the angle of carry.

It will have an open bottom so suppressor barrels will be compatible. It will also allow use of suppressor sights and optics.

This will also come with adjustable tension to suit user preference as desired.

This is the perfect holster for those that want maximum concealability and comfort during long term use.

Please take note that this holster will come adjusted to a sweet spot, that is optimal for the gun with a TLR-8 and variant. By tightening the screw a little, it will also tighten the retention.

The sweet spot is based on the weight of the loaded gun and accessory installed. Heavier guns would mean a tighter draw, because if the tightness and weight required to draw is less than that weight of loaded gun, the gun could jump around while running or fall if inverted.

If you have a TLR-7 and variant, the screw needs to be tightened almost to full. You can adjust fitment by adjusting that screw.

Warranty Information

Our warranty policy is defined by Section 2-314 of the Uniform Commercial Code. This will cover any manufacturing defects at the time you receive our product. This does not cover specific personal preference of the consumer. We are not a custom maker, our products are semi-custom. There may be slight variations on the overall feel based on personal perspective of the customer. Please consult the Kydex T technical specification data for durability of the material used in this product line. These products are meant to be tools for hard use in tactical applications. The scenarios meant for these products to be used can be extreme and less than ideal; therefore, it is hard to define everything that could possibly affect the performance of these products in the scope of its “normal use”. Any specification outlined by the laboratory results conducted by Kydex LLC, may not apply to our product depending on how it is used and could impact normal durability. Our warranty will also not cover any problems such as those caused by abuse, misuse, ordinary wear, failure to follow directions, or improper maintenance.

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