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S&W M&P Series X-300U A&B Models

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This item is made of 0.08" Kydex T. It is specifically made to fit the firearm and weapon light listed. It is not designed to fit any other firearm other than what is listed.

Will fit S&W M&P series and M&P 2.0, with Surefire X-300U A or B model. Will also fit the old X-300 with no compromise in fit using the adjustable tension.

Fitment of the holster is adjustable. It will have a default fit and loosening the adjustment screw will loosen the fit, while tightening it will make the fit tighter. Please take note that tighter fit will affect both insertion and extraction and how the draw stroke will affect user preference. The default adjustment is such that the firearm will not fall out if the holster was inverted and shaken.

It will utilize a pancake type design. It is modular and can be used in various configuration depending on attachment sets used. It can be OWB or IWB depending on user setup, by simply switching loop sets. It is portable in size making it highly concealable with unnoticeable imprint, but is also scalable and with proper setup can also be used for overt uniform and other tactical applications. It is user configurable for mode of carry with an angular adjustment range of + 10 degrees from zero.

All holsters will have a tactile distinguishable “click” during insertion of the gun, providing user feedback that the pistol has been stowed properly and “locked” in place. The tactile click will be felt even in complete darkness, unless user is wearing thick gloves. There will be a faint audible (depending on ambient noise) click. By definition of our quality, “locked” means that the gun and/or light/laser loaded with a full magazine, will not pop-out of the holster when the user is running or doing normal routine task.

The holster should also retain the gun and/or light/laser if inverted and shaken moderately. User feel of fitment may vary as each user will have a preference. This means that some user may think it is tight while others may feel it is loose. It will however meet the requirement for retention under normal hard use conditions. Fitment will require positive and deliberate draw stroke to pull the gun out of the holster. It will not accidentally drop out under its normal use per design.

Each holster will be specifically molded and crafted within very tight tolerance to ensure fitment, aesthetics, and form definition. This ensures compactness for concealability and comfortability for extended duration use.

Holsters will have polished edges, coated with PTFE, and exacting form definition in relation to the model of gun and light it is to be used for. PTFE can be reapplied on the discretion of the user. It prevents the dust and debris from accumulating and prevents excessive friction if a lighter draw stroke is desired.

Warranty Information

Our warranty policy is defined by Section 2-314 of the Uniform Commercial Code. This will cover any manufacturing defects at the time you receive our product. This does not cover specific personal preference of the consumer. We are not a custom maker, our products are semi-custom. There may be slight variations on the overall feel based on personal perspective of the customer. Please consult the Kydex T technical specification data for durability of the material used in this product line. These products are meant to be tools for hard use in tactical applications. The scenarios meant for these products to be used can be extreme and less than ideal; therefore, it is hard to define everything that could possibly affect the performance of these products in the scope of its “normal use”. Any specification outlined by the laboratory results conducted by Kydex LLC, may not apply to our product depending on how it is used and could impact normal durability. Our warranty will also not cover any problems such as those caused by abuse, misuse, ordinary wear, failure to follow directions, or improper maintenance.

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